Gob On The Tyne is a book about the Newcastle and North East Punk & Post-Punk scene 1976 – 1980. Over 5 years in the making, it will include an in-depth feature on the Sex Pistols in the North East (contrary to popular belief, their first gigs outside London were in the NE, not Manchester) with input from several ex-Pistols themselves, the gig promoters and some of those who were lucky enough to attend. Plus features on The Clash (including the White Riot tour gig) and The Damned (Dave Vanian has links to the NE - he was born in Newcastle!), local bands' biographies and interviews, local Punk venues, fanzines, the Listen Ear shop and a series of Punk Profiles (the NE Punk scene from the fans' perspective.) Plus many previously unseen photos and assorted memorabilia. In short, Gob On The Tyne is the definitive history of the North East Punk / Post-Punk scene by those who were there.

As you can appreciate, with approx 300(!) bands to cover, the book wasn’t going to happen overnight. It has taken a lot of research, not to mention the many interviews, locating of photographs, posters, fanzines, etc., etc. We had hoped that the book would be available last year (Punk’s 40th anniversary) but due to the amount of work involved that wasn’t possible (plus the fact that we’ve recently been receiving info about more bands who’d slipped under our radar). There’s still quite a lot of work to be done but rest assured the book will be available as soon as possible.

In addition, there will be a 2CD compilation including tracks by many of the bands featured, many of which are previously unreleased.

The book (and accompanying 2CD) will be announced on here upon publication including details of availability.

If you were in a Punk / Post-Punk band 1976 – 1980, or if you have some stories you’d like to tell, photos or memorabilia, please contact: gobonthetyne@hotmail.com